About Me

Food writer & Supper Club Chef

I have been interested in good old fashioned Thai home cooking and street food for thirty years and as and when I could I have journeyed back and forwards to Bangkok to learn to cook and eat Thai food at its source.

The most important and influential  tutor for me has been Gobkaew Najpinij, who I had the privilege to call Mae (meaning mother). She was a great food historian and chef and I worked with her extensively over many years. I have recently written a cookbook in her honour  featuring her highly prized recipes called “Mae’s Ancient Thai Food”.

I occasionally run a Thai supper club in my own home and in unusual places – take a look at the supper club page and if it makes your tummy rumble apply to be a guest – I would love to have you at my table!

If you would like to cook some of my Thai food yourself take a look at the spices available at  Mae’s Thai Pantry here: https://etsy.me/2RiF4TA


My aim this year is to do more Thai recipe writing for Foodgawker and Yummly.

I am also going to feature more British food stories – so I’ll be on the lookout for places with an interesting back story and I’ll be telling tales of people I admire who are working with food – often in surprising ways.

Later in the year I plan to be working on Italian food – or more precisely Sardinian.

I am going to spend some time working from a little ship based on an Island off Sardinia and this year I plan to reveal some of my favourite recipes and inspirations from my travels there. 

If you have any food writing or recipe development work you would like to work on with me that fits in with these plans I would love to hear from you.

Happy cooking

Carole X