Book Cooking and Eating Club

My next event is local to me in Belbroughton Worcestershire on Saturday 24th February.

You can find the details and sign up for it here:


The plan at this meet up is that seven members will cook and bring an agreed dish from my cookbook “Mae’s Ancient Thai Food”.

We will sit and share the food with seven other guests who are not cooking but have paid to eat with us so that I can cover the hall hire etc. The dishes must be cooked before the event but there will be reheating and plating facilities.

What you are cooking needs to be agreed with me when you plan to come so message me and I will give you the options to choose from or message me to say you are eating only.

Although everyone is charged £20 I will refund the people who are cooking £10 in cash on the day as long as they attend with the agreed dish cooked. Please note that the guests who are not cooking do not get a refund.

To get the recipe you can either buy the book on my website, buy the kindle download on Amazon or just let me supply your single recipe to you for free.

You only need to cook one portion from the book so don’t worry you are not cooking for 14! This is a share and taste event only. As each person is cooking for two people there will be enough to share and taste a bit of everything.

Please do not bring any additional dishes. The idea is for everyone to have a good idea of what is in the book and if it goes well next month we will do the same thing with someone else’s Thai book.

You can bring your own wine if you like.

I will provide soft drinks and cooked rice.

I will also cook gaenghunglay a pork curry with ginger and pickled garlic as shown in the image.

There will be 7 other dishes made if we have full attendance which are: jungle curry,beef ghari, muu parlow, nahm tok muu, wing bean salad, northern larb and stir fried mushrooms with pak choy

They all have different complexities so if you let me know your level and access to ingredients I can try and match the correct dish to the correct person.