No Sex Tourists in Bangkok!

I simply love this little hideaway retreat in Bangkok but not simply because of it’s no holds barred anti sex tourist principles but because it is an oasis of calm right there in the centre of the city.

The gentile clientele are a breed apart – writers, explorers, adult back backpackers, families and lone travellers – all seemed to be old friends, all seemed to know the Atlantic of old.

The place has so many unusual rules but the resultant ambience in the hotel is incredible and it is the only place i see people openly leaving their laptops in the restaurant whilst nipping for a swim. The Atlanta you see is as safe as houses, strangers are simply not allowed through the door, surprisingly not even to eat in the restaurant and certainly not to visit you in your room! Here is a family with all the rules of a strict victorian father. See their website for full details.


Mother seems to be cooking in the restaurant too…. old fashioned, simple but wholesome fare are served up all day. You are not rushed away from your seat. Your seat at the family table is assured and you can work there all day if you like but if you need to get your head down there is a delightful office area cute enough to inspire the most blocked writer.

I have to issue a caveat on this hotel though. The rooms are super cheap at less than £20 a night but they are BRUTAL.

No luxuries here. Functional yes, clean yes, comfortable beds yes but expect no more than a cell and you won’t be disappointed. No lifts –  a bell boy carries your luggage  on his head even if you are on the fourth floor and your room may only have a fan.

It’s worth it though – I love the atmosphere – the wifi – the pool – gym and live turtle collection. I love the food, the dog that walks around casually, the collection of books by authors who wrote them when they were staying and the mental journey back to the 1940’s!

Just to be clear I paid to stay here and I will again. This is not an advert and it may not be for you but I really wanted to share this authors little gem.