FLUFLUBENNETT about Mae’s Ancient Thai Food “The first thing I notice when I open Mae’s Ancient Thai Food is how vibrant it is. It’s exciting, brimming with colour, energy and undeniable joie de vivre.”

Gingey Bites about a supper club:   “This was the best Thai food I’ve ever eaten in the UK. Every dish was mind blowing and the food just kept on coming.”

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 “This was the first supper club I’ve ever been to and I loved it! It was a real treat to join Carole in her home and enjoy the food she is so passionate about, and talented at, cooking with fellow food lovers. The food was all delicious and beautifully prepared, and it was great getting the chance to discover some new Thai dishes that I’d never tried before. We certainly got our money’s worth as well, as at only £32 we got to feast on lots of dishes!”

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