Ancient Thai Supper Clubs

I don’t have any supper club dates to announce at the moment but if you would like to be put on the waiting list please complete the form below.

If you would like me to cook for a private function or do a food demonstration please contact me at

This was the menu at a lunch supperclub which was £40 per person:

Nue Sawarn – known as heavenly beef which is just a little nibble to get your taste buds going and a couple of other canapes depending upon what I can get on the shopping day!

Gaenghunglay a Northern Thai pork curry cooked with picked garlic and shallots

A northern larb chicken salad with fresh vegetables

Muu parlow a pork belly soup containing a hard boiled egg – sounds weird but it’s delicious

Thai jasmine rice

Thai coconut ice cream with tap tim grob topping and jasmine scented candle coconut milk

A couple of glasses of champagne were included in the price.

My pop ups are more like a dinner party than a restaurant – they are about sharing food, making friends, passing bowls and joining in.

You will be sharing a table with other guests but they will all be big foodies so I am sure you will find common ground.

I am sorry but I cannot cater for any food allergies. The food will contain fish derivatives and may contain nuts.

Please see the photos of my previous event at Bayleys of Bromsgrove.




See what my guests have said about previous events:

Gingey Bites: 

This was the best Thai food I’ve ever eaten in the UK. Every dish was mind blowing and the food just kept on coming.

Birmingham Food blogger: 

This was the first supper club I’ve ever been to and I loved it! It was a real treat to join Carole in her home and enjoy the food she is so passionate about, and talented at, cooking with fellow food lovers. The food was all delicious and beautifully prepared, and it was great getting the chance to discover some new Thai dishes that I’d never tried before. We certainly got our money’s worth as well, as at only £32 we got to feast on lots of dishes!”

 Taylah Catlow on Twitter: 
Loved the Thai street food supper club – fantastic food and great company

You can read full reviews by bloggers on the press page. 


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