David Thompson’s Tribute

I am missing Mae today and I thought about some of the other people who miss her too and so I wanted to share this tribute that David wrote on the back of my book because it suddenly occurred to me that only the people who have bought the book have seen this until now.

All the recipes in Mae’s Ancient Thai Food are Gobgaew’s recipes as taught to me by her between 2005-2018.

David Thompson said;

“Ajarn Gobgaew was an inspiration to so many people by her cooking and kindness. I first met Gobgaew at a food conference two decades ago and her open-minded friendliness made me fall for her winning charms. We became fast friends – more than that as Gobgaew’s unerring taste was a certain guide in helping me learn about Thai food.

Gobgaew’s death was unexpected – she was writing recipes until the last, indicative of her strength and passion in providing culinary assistance to others.

Consequently, Carole’s book is a fitting tribute to Gobgaew’s vocation. It also maintains the Thai tradition of publishing an encomium to acknowledge the deceased.

This volume is full of true gems. I recall making the Chilli Jam with Gobgaew and will certainly want to make her Old Fashioned Soup. I can see her now, tasting, savouring, adjusting and advising. I miss Gobgaew and her cooking.

Vale Gobgaew and thank you Carole for making some of our teacher’s recipes available.”

Carole Mason

Freelance food writer - Author of Mae's Ancient Thai Food

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Carole Mason

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