Where to Eat Blood Cockles in Bangkok

On a recent quest to search out some strange but wonderful Bangkok eateries I came across these little beasties in Chinatown!  



This was a simple family affair – fundamentally  a cart and a pile of cockles.

A tiny space taking advantage of the front of a closed shop for the evening, but the offer was appealing enough to draw a crowd who queue non stop to grab a bowl of this gruesome delicacy.

From early evening till midnight a young man deftly splits and lightly boils batches of blood clams which eerily yield a red haemoglobin substance as you eat giving your plate a gruesome hue. Mother provides busy back up supplying you with a delicious bowl of Nahm Jim Seafood or hot and sour peanut dip and collecting 100 baht per plate.

I noticed they also do mussels but they are not the star of the show.

Sadly when researching the blood clam which is actually known as the ark clam Wikipedia informed me that they carry hepatitis A, E typhoid and dysentry – but hey nothing delicious is any good for you right? And I’m still here to tell the tale….Hoy Kraeng Pa Jeen is on Soi Texas in Chinatown nest to the Lim Meng Kee shop.



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