Salt and Scandal!

There is an exciting food revival happening near me that I could not resist telling you all about.

After almost 100 years a local farmer is making salt again from the pure brine springs in Droitwich.

As the town could barely be further from the sea I was fascinated to know more about this reinvention.

Harvesting salt in Droitwich goes back to Roman times but the real action happened when 

John Corbett bought a disused salt works  in 1853 and set about making it into the largest in Europe and made himself some serious dosh into the bargain.

Now I’m not one to gossip but……. he married a young lady from Paris and they had six children and thirty years together but she always pined for her native France . John built his true love an amazing and romantic chateaux to make her feel at home. 

Ultimately it didn’t work and she left him – but hey you can’t say he didn’t try!

Nowadays you can stay in the chateaux yourself as it has been transformed into a hotel and wedding venue.

But I digress – back to the salt……..

The town is actually situated on massive salt deposits  and there are naturally occurring crystal clear brine springs underneath it – in fact the water is ten times saltier than sea water and is as salty as the dead sea.

Because of this it’s 100% natural and completely unpolluted. 

But most importantly it is beautiful to eat and Droitwich salt are doing some amazing flavours. 

My favourite is called charcoal and it has a kind of truffle taste. 

It goes amazingly on steak and I adore it on scrambled eggs.

If you’re interested in learning more they also do tours and if you are in the area here are more things to do and sights to see.

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