Five Thai Dessert Snacks and Where to Eat Them

If you are in Thailand you will find these familiar snacks in many places but I just thought it was worth mentioning some of the really established street sellers that are my favourite haunts.

If you’re lucky enough to be in Bangkok then this is the place to try this little Chinese snack. They are known as patongko but are often referred to as Emperor’s bones and they are served with a little pot of green coloured custard. They are delicious and can be found at Patongko Sawoei on Tanao Road in Banglamphu.

Emperor’s Bones

Khanom Bueang look like tiny tacos and they crunch in the same way but they have an interesting sweet and sour element.

My favourite place to buy them is Mae Prapha, Phra Arthit Rd, Bamglamphoo where they make both sweet and sour versions.

The sweet version is made with egg, shredded coconut, sugar, prunes and golden threads and the sour version is made with shrimps, coconut, pepper, Chinese parsley, red onions and bergamot.

I think its worth the journey to this shop as they manage to get them ultra crunchy but keep a creamy finish at the end which many versions lack and the quality of ingredients is unbeatable.

Kanom Beaung at Mae Prapha
making Kanom Beaung at Mae Prapha

Kanon Krok are a fantastic little treat. they should be crunchy on the base and soft and moist in the middle. You must eat them warm so catch them when you can. They are usually topped with spring onions, corn or taro.

May favourite street stall is usually trading opposite no 151 Nakhornchaisri Road in Dusit but you will see plenty of them around.

Kanom Krok on Nakhornchaisri Road
Making Kanom Krok in Ye Olde Siam

Golden threads are everywhere in little cellophane wrapped plastic trays but there is nothing like seeing them made and eating them fresh. To do this go along to the lower level in Ye Olde Siam Plaza on Phraturatm Road in the old town. where you can see an array of traditional Thai Desserts being made.

Golden Threads in Ye Old Siam

Paper thin crispy roti’s are super sweet and addictive. This lady has made them before!

Crispy Roti’s in Ye Olde Siam

If that’s inspired you and you are ready to go and taste them for yourself there are some sweet offers on flights and hotels here.

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