How to make delicious fresh rice noodles

It’s quite simple to make fresh rice noodles and the soft and chewy nature of the home made version is unbeatable so if you have an hour free give it a whirl!

You will need:

1 cup of rice flour, 1/2 cup tapioca flour, 1 1/2 cups of water, vegetable oil.

A steamer, two baking trays that will fit in the steamer, paper towel, a mixing bowl, whisk and ladle.

Combine the two flours and slowly mix in about a quarter of the water until smooth and when that is well combines add the rest of the water and whisk again.

Put the steamer on the hob and get it up to temperature.

Rub a layer of vegetable oil on the baking tray with the paper towel.

Stir the mixture well and ladle a large spoonful of the liquid into the baking tray – just enough to cover the base. Put the baking tray and the steamer and give it a quick wiggle to try and smooth out any problems caused by the uneven surface of the cooker. Put on the lid and steam until the rice noodles turn translucent.

This will only take about 30 seconds to a minute so keep your eye on it. Remove the tray from the steamer and allow to cool completely.

rice noodles when set

When cooled pile the rice noodle sheets on top of one another

Repeat the process until all the liquid has been used – make sure that you stir the mixture well each time you add a new ladle.

When you have completed all the sheets cut them into the required strips.

Traditionally you would do this with a knife but as it happens I had just received a very exciting order of traditional Italian equipment that I have bought in preparation for a months Italian food blogging bonanza I am planning in May.

My friend Trish experimented with the pasta cutter and found it worked a treat.

How’s that for a Thai-Italian fusion!

Next peel and separate the noodles and put into a pile. You can keep these noodles in a cool place for a day ready for use but do not put them in the fridge or they will stiffen. This recipe makes enough to make a noodle dish for two to four people.

You can cook any noodle recipe with these noodles, I made a beef and broccoli version of Pad Si-Ew. You will find the pork and kale recipe (photographed here) in my cookbook Mae’s Ancient Thai Food.

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Pad Si-Ew from Mae’s Ancient Thai Food
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Buy the Ebook Version for £5

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