My Khao Soi Haven

I really want to share not only one of my favourite lunches but also my favourite place to eat it in Bangkok.

The dish is called Khao Soi and it is scrumptious. The base is wet noodles, then it is topped with a sweet and savoury curry, crispy deep fried noodles and coriander leaves. Essential to the dish are the additions that you make to make it to your personal taste. A rich and tasty chilli dip which you stir in, some lovely raw sliced shallots to give a crunch, some pickled mustard greens which add a sour element and fish sauce if you want it saltier or sugar if you want it sweeter. Drizzle with fresh limes and enjoy!

The place I love to eat it in Bangkok is called Daradalay and it is a simple little place but at the same time an absolute oasis for great quality organic fare. When I have a craving for Northern Thai food I always head here and I am never disappointed. They also make some perfect versions of hard to find dishes like Sai Eur sausage, Nahm Prik Num and Nahm Prik Ong.

They don’t speak much English but you can get by but as all the dishes are about 50 baht each you can afford to take some risks and order by pointing to the chalkboard. There is also a an order sheet on each table so you can just randomly tick what you want and surprise yourself!

They also sell smoothies most notably the mulberry smoothie and have an organic salad bar every day with salads supplied from their own farm near Chiang Mai which also has a homestay called daradalay banndin farm – more details can be found at

Its tricky to find but actually its not far from Khaosan Road so get to there and give it a try but get there early because they run out of Khao Soi every day.

If you get the boat to Payap you are a five minute walk away.

This is the address in Thai for a taxi driver

ดาราดาเล @Bkk ร้านอาหารเหนือ, 10300 

or the english address is Dara6 Phichai Rd, Si Yaek Maha Nak, Khet Dusit, Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10300, Thailand – the great news is that it is listed on the Uber map so that should get you there. 

When you get to the address if  you are still mystified you will see a cafe called “Sit Here Please” next to a garage.

Go down the alley between these two buildings and you will find it in the far corner behind the garage.

Daradlay is open Monday-Saturday  11.00 am – 8.30 pm but after that they have a really cool bar next door made out of containers so the party can go on…..

Sorry for the blatant plugs but if you can’t get to Bangkok the recipe for Khao Soi and Sai Eur Sausage are in my book “Mae’s Ancient Thai Food” available on this website or on Amazon as a kindle download plus you can buy the Nancy Chandler map on my website and it is on there.


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