Salt and Scandal!

There is an exciting food revival happening near me that I could not resist telling…


How to Make Soya Milk & Tofu

Homemade soya milk and tofu are far superior and cheaper than the shop bought versions and they are quite simple to make. Tofu also stores in the fridge for up to a…


Simple Traditional Italian Meatball Recipe

Yum 2 slices of bread rinds removed 1/4 pint of full fat milk 1 egg lightly beaten 500g of very finely minced beef 200g of very finely minced pork 1 tablespoon chopped…


How to get the train from Bangkok to Cambodia for £1

There is no trick to this headline – this is a genuine Thai experience and everyone can benefit from this astonishingly cheap train service – you just need to know how to…



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