A Thai Dessert Maker in Birmingham

  Take a sneak look at one of our Birmingham food heroes with this excerpt from the No Ping No Bling guide which is available on Amazon ………. Sompong – known to…


Coconut Custard Recipe

Inspired by the recent sunshine I went out on a day of junk shop browsing…


Nahm Jim Seafood Dip Recipe

We are so lucky to have the wholesale fish market in Birmingham,  we can get everything there despite being the farthest from the sea in Britain you could possibly get.  Even if…


The story behind Mae’s Ancient Thai Food

A lifelong love of Thai food and a chance meeting with one of Thailand’s most celebrated cookery teachers resulted in me publishing a book of my famous mentor’s recipes and that has…



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Carole Mason

If you would like to work with me or try my food please get in touch with me at carole@carolemason.co.uk