Northern Larb Powder


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This delicious spice mix is perfect to make a classic Thai salad dish called Northern Larb which is delicious, quick to make and it is eaten with raw or lightly cooked vegetables. 

I will provide you with my recipe to make Northern Larb.

This unique mix is redolent with oriental spices, it contains: Fennel, long black peppercorns, pro horm, star anise, coriander, makhweaen, white cardamons, salt, mace, cassia bark, cloves and nutmeg.

It is an absolute favourite at my supper clubs and the taste profile is so different it really surprises everyone!

Although these spices are made with specific equipment I do cook with fish and nuts in the same kitchen so I cannot guarantee it is allergen free.

Tin contains 50g of Northern Larb powder.


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