Tropical paradise less than 3 hours from London!

I’m really not at all a resort kinda gal so it was surprising to me that I wanted to tell you all about this one but it’s just such a unique concept.

At first, it really threw me and to be honest I didn’t really get it but the more I looked and thought the more it makes perfect sense.

This five-star haven looks like it has been sky lifted from Bali and dropped straight into a giant pine forest in Spain.

The location has been really carefully chosen – set in the Puig Campagna Mountains in the Sierra Cortina region, overlooking the mediterranean sea, this site takes advantage of the microclimate and the position has allowed the owners to raise over 300 tropical plants. Because it’s warm almost every day they are flourishing and have created an authentic Asian feel to the resort.

Now personally I would prefer to explore the wider area than stay within an enclave hotel complex but being freed from the grueling 12-hour flight to Bangkok yet still getting the oriental experience is really something to make you stop and think. Today I found return flights from London in May for just £67 each.

This could be a great thing if you just want to indulge yourself in oriental luxury without the hassle, want the ultimate Thai spa break, want to surprise someone with something memorable or you just have the kids in tow and want somewhere they can be safe and entertained.

Plus if you can tear yourself away from the fabulous five restaurants on-site – which I doubt I could – then there is nothing to stop you nipping out for a sneaky paella or a day out in the beautiful

Asia Gardens Hotel Pool

Looking at the pool it’s incredible that you could be taking a dip in it just thirty minutes from Alicante airport.

So let’s see what’s on offer:

There are two nearby golf courses and the hotel can arrange for you to visit them.

If golf is not your bag there are a myriad of wellbeing options on offer such as Tai Chi, Yoga, Chi Kung and stretching classes or choose to relax with cocktails, an oriental cooking class or just treat yourself to afternoon tea.

There really is a mountain of entertainment for the little ones with entertainers, craft workshops, football, film screenings and paintings. They even have a mini dinner so that they can make new friends and meantime you can relax together until they return to you at 11pm.

They have a similar arrangement for the teenagers but with events more designed for them such as pilates, dancing and themed parties.

With rooms like this who wants to go out!

You know you’re on holiday when you see the Bougainvillea…..

This Hotel is called Asia Gardens which is in the Barcelo Group and you can book it through the Barcelo adverts on this website.

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