Would you go to a Vegan Supperclub?

This week Gayani from Lotus Supperclub invited me along to road test her artisan Sri Lankan food as she knows I am such an avid carnivore – convincing me to crave a vegan feast was a fun challenge!

As a special request she made me a mushroom curry using her home made spice “Gold Dust” which was really creamy and redolent of coconut milk. 

To tell you the truth I’m a big fan of her Gold Dust which I often use to make a chicken curry and so I was interested to compare her vegan version – but don’t tell Gayani!

We ate the mushroom curry with Pàhi (deep fried aubergine with pickled small red onions and chillies) which was beautifully sour and sharp – an amazing foil to the rich curry –   they  were supported by Sri Lankan fried rice and deep fried lotus roots. This was a lunch menu she often serves at an amazingly good price of £9 per head – but is careful to note that there must be a minimum of ten people in a group to book this.

Gayani sets out to challenge our preconception of vegan food with her vegan supper club and she certainly achieved that with me. I have to admit that I didn’t miss the meat.

The experience too is novel and cosy – It’s based in her super eclectic house in Birmingham where the proof of her artistic talents are all around you. You can’t help but admire her many glass painted vases, and all come with a story. I also loved that the original sketches for her recent work painting a giraffe to raise money for for St Richards Hospice were casually strewn on the sideboard.

Whether you are considering becoming vegan, supporting veganuary or simply ve-curious I would recommend that you give it a whirl.

You can book by emailing gayanimethod@gmail.com

A typical menu of an evening supper club would be:

Jackfruit cooked in a traditional clay pot made with home made coconut milk and  “Gayani’s Gold Dust”.

Deep fried lotus roots. 

Traditional spring green Mallum with freshly grated coconut. 

Red lentils cooked in clay pot with spices and  freshly squeezed coconut milk. 


Pàhi – deep fried aubergine mixed with pickled small red onions and chillies . 

Priced at £22 there are supper clubs every month and as Lotus is unlicensed you are welcome to BYO

Gayani is beavering away at writing her Sri Lankan vegan book so watch this space….

Carole Mason

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Carole Mason

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