The Best Tom Yum Goong Soup in Banglampoo

  If you find yourself in Banglampoo head for a street stall in Soi Kraisi for a taste sensation. It is about two streets from Khowsan Road and it’s the place to…


Dry Fried Chilli Powder Recipe

This is the simplest recipe but gives a great result. Simply slowly dry fry large dried chillies, allow them to cool and grind them –  va va boom! Now you have really…


Si Uah Thai Sausage Recipe

I just love making this sausage as a canape as guests arrive at my supper…


The story behind Mae’s Ancient Thai Food

A lifelong love of Thai food and a chance meeting with one of Thailand’s most celebrated cookery teachers resulted in me publishing a book of my famous mentor’s recipes and that has…



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